Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Pack up the bags and throw them into the back of the car, the girls need to be dressed and ready to go!" As we ripped drawer fulls of our clothes and piled the entire contents of the dress up box and American Girl Doll attire into pillow cases and old broken suitcases and threw them onto the back of my big full size bed it was not only the start of our trip to who knows where but a three hour journey heading straight toward wherever our little imaginations could take us. 

Sophie and I were always making up vivid games of play house and adventure. She loved to pack up and "go places",while I loved to create things. The days when you could create whole meals out of leaves, dirt and little purple flowers, where the cars could take you anywhere and never have to be turned on, a simple walk through the woods was an adventure to a never discovered land and a sheet held up by chairs and weighted down by books was a home. The imagination is so magical. 

One thing I have always dreamed of was a house in a tree. Imagine a place so embraced by nature, lifted up above the ground. I don't think there is anything more magical then to create a home in a tree. 

So now as I look back at my childhood and the imagination I once had, I think about the feeling that went through me like a chill when I figured out the new game of travel and adventure, princess and tower, playing house and so much more. And this is my new dream. So will someone please build me a treehouse? :)

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